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How Neon SMS Works

Each of our SMS products are designed to be reliable and easy to use, to make sure you can communicate quickly and efficiently using SMS.

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Text Manager


The team here at Neon SMS have really done a great job of taking all the heartache out of managing your text campaigns, subscribers and templates. By using our expertly developed text manager tool you can save yourself valuable time and money. With our Text Manager Solution all Opt-Ins and Opt-Outs happen automatically helping you, say goodbye to hours at the computer and making text messaging a pleasurable and rewarding experience.

Why you should consider using Text Manager:

  • Use Text Manager to easily communicate with your audience in real-time.
  • Grow your subscriber list with little effort.
  • Attract new, active, targeted clients
  • Automated process

By using the Neon SMS Text Manager you are saving valuable time within your already busy schedule. Text Manager also ensures that you and your company are fully compliant with current Data Protection Legislation.


  • Saves time – easy to learn, quick to use
  • Cost effective - low cost, high return
  • Impressive Communication – communicate with your subscribers in a way that reflects your company at it's very best
  • Security – Text Manager is an extremely secure system, meaning you and your subscriber's information is never at risk.
  • Ease of use for you – Text Manager couldn't be any easier to use! User-friendly interface with little or no training required.
  • Ease of use for subscribers – Subscribers can manage their own opt-in/ opt-out preferences.
  • Fully compliant – Text Manager ensures you remain compliant with current Data Protection Legislation by automating Opt-Outs and recording automatic Opt-Ins


  • Create and edit your own message templates and save for later use.
  • Schedule messages in advance, whether you are sending a bulk or individual text.
  • Choose between automatic and manual for subscriber management options.
  • Seamlessly integrate Text Manager with your website for optimum exposure.
  • Pull customised easy to use reports at any time.
  • Set up the auto-reply functionality for better interaction.
  • Utilise our tiered user access functionality and easily manage user options and permissions.

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