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Government & Non Profit

Government organisations and non-profit sectors can benefit greatly from our cost effective mobile communications solutions. We find that both individuals and groups see increased benefits from individual and bulk messaging services, which further enhances or compliments existing solutions.

SMS Solutions for Government Bodies

Government bodies in particular, find that the instant Text messaging system has increased awareness within certain sectors and can make a huge difference to efficiency output.

Some areas where government text messages can increase awareness and interactivity:

  • Library Book Notifications
  • Emergency Alerts – e.g. weather and traffic
  • Social Service Notifications for large group delivery
  • Appointment Reminders
  • School Updates – e.g. unplanned school closures, messages to parents, announcements of important events and meetings
  • IT System Alerts – for civil servants, public sector workers, specified individuals or groups within a government organisation.
  • Travel Alerts – Train arrivals, flight times and public transports alerts
  • Application Status Notifications – Alerts for individuals who are awaiting the outcome of an application process, e.g. passport, social welfare or housing services

SMS Messaging for Non-Profit Organisations

Just some of the applications our solutions can be used for within the non-profit sector:

  • Call out for mobile payments or donations via our messaging solution
  • Organisation of group fundraising events
  • Reminders for subscriptions
  • Protest or rally organisation
  • Find volunteers
  • Inform your audience about upcoming events

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